Tahoe Sailing Charters has been operating Lake Tahoe’s premiere sailing charter operation since 2004. We are committed to providing a fun, safe experience for all who wish to enjoy the spectacular lake and mountain views. This is an activity that only requires you to show up, and we handle the rest! We have qualified and extremely experienced captains and crew ready to make your experience as awesome and relaxing as possible.


We have two boats to choose from! Whether you are looking for a private charter on our 36’ power yacht or if you prefer to share the boat on a public cruise on our 50’ sailboat, we have got you covered.


Sailing season is open from the middle of May until the end of September. July and August are our busiest months so be sure to make a reservation early!



Grew up sailing in Southern California, moved to Tahoe after college to raise a family. Mike was so passionate about sailing that he decided to make it his job. Mike founded the original Tahoe Sailing Charters with a different boat more than 25 years ago, and he is still as stoked as ever.



Sailing since birth, Tyler was a competitive sailor in junior sailing programs as well as college sailing. He got his captain’s license in 2005 and began to make his passion into his livelihood. By now he has sailed more than enough ocean miles to have circumnavigated the globe, and he loves to share his passion for sailing with all of the guests.




Just a quick note: We get lots of questions that perhaps we can answer here.

–Parking is limited, so we recommend arriving early to give yourself a good chance to get a spot in the marina parking lot.

–Our “youth” pricing for kids under 12 applies to infants as well. Even though they take up very little space on the boat, the USCG counts every soul onboard toward our passenger manifest capacity, therefore, we must charge even for babies.

–Spray sunscreen has become widely used, but is not recommended for use on the boat. With the common wind conditions, it is not very effective. If it is all you have, it is much better used on shore before we take off.

–Tipping is appreciated but not required. A standard tip for a couple is around $20, if you consider that the captain and crew are keeping you safe and comfortable for the 2h cruise, compared to the service you get from a server in a restaurant who would hope for 15-20% regardless of how well you are treated. Just take that into consideration and enjoy the ride.


Come visit us in our shop located in the beautiful Tahoe City Marina!

Established In 1998

As North Lake Tahoe’s Premier Sailing Cruise Company.

In 2015, Our Fleet Expanded By Adding A Power Yacht For Private Charters.

Featured In…


Sierra Sun
“……The way the boat cuts smoothly through the water and the way the wind comes straight offshore without creating a chop – it’s like a dream.”

Sunset Magazine
One Roof Top
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Tahoe City Marina

Blue Lake Tahoe water
Captain Mike Pavel on the Tahoe Cruz
Captain Tyler Salvo from Tahoe Sailing Charters in Tahoe City
The Tahoe Cruz charter sailing on Lake Tahoe
A public cruise with Tahoe Sailing Charters
co-owners and captains
Lake Tahoe water at sunset